Our company which was established in 1993 continues its operations with the same shareholder structure since 2002. We offer factoring services, which is a modern service and financing method, to our clients with our expert and experienced personnel based in the Corporate Headquarters and branch offices.

Atılım supports its clients’ growth at every point the company’s and its client’s visions meet each other, by providing "tailor made" solutions.

With its 44 expert personnel, Atılım Faktoring adopts the principle of providing not only financing but credibility analysis services to its clients as well, and  firmly believes in “being by the side of its clients”, thus sustains its growth in the financial markets.

Despite being a financial company, Atılım Faktoring never forgets that it is the supplier of its clients.  The underlying principle in our relationships is "Win – Win."
Please call us for safe, unique and fast solutions.